I work with
forward failing companies to maximise their

creative investment

Fail forward means to purposefully and deliberately use failure to find success. It's a conscious process that first requires us to give up the obsessive need to be perfect.

UX Designer. Product Maker. Entrepreneur.

What I've been making πŸ‘‡

Creative Being

A Creativity App

Rockstar Builds

An NFT Crowdfunding Platform


An AI Recruitment Company

Website Design
No-code Development


What I do.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Development

I get customer tested products to market, fasssst.

> Next level UXΒ & Ui design
>Β Road test complex features
> Launch in weeks not months
> Find your product / market fit
> Create / advise on go to market strategy
> Nail down your target customer segments
> Test test test. And test more. It's testing, but I like it.
> Hand over a scaleable, market ready product to you.

How I work

I take a look at what you're doing. If I think I can add value I will I quote for the project, divided into 2-12, two week sprints. You can bail out at the end of any sprint.

Otherwise it's a day rate of Β£560 - Β£700 depending on the project, and you get bang for your buck. I'm always interested in looking at longer term equity arrangements with the right companies that fit my portfolio.

Not for profits - I reserve around 10-15 days a year for pro bono. Do get in touch if you'd like some assistance.

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